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Alex is an alright bloke but his pull game is a lil bit weak. I mean he still gets that puss puss but its only training with his Mom so his Dad may need to give more tips. He bums fortnite so much and wins about 30k a month from his Ninja skills. You want to find an Alex as soon as possible or else your life is misserable. He also comes with a Chris
Dave: Yo look at that Alex isnt he a person
Chad: Dave you are blind remember?
by IgnitorPyrus February 17, 2020
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Looking for someone who only knows how to play Genji? Well heres your man. His body count is off the charts. And he can hook you up with any chic. His power comes from drinking 10 energy drinks every hour. Watches Jaystation and Morgz
Dave: Chris is so good
Jake: Dave stop talking about people in urban dictionary. We are getting you help tommorow in therapy.
by IgnitorPyrus February 19, 2020
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A word that causes me problems getting in the dictionary. Just like his trouble of getting into girls pants. His head is rounder than a tomato. I cant be all negative though as he does somehow have a girlfriend. But he has to wait till marriage because he is a true brexiter.
Dave: Yo look at Ben me boi
Spongebob: Your not Mr Krabs
by IgnitorPyrus February 19, 2020
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Leon is a omnisient god who fucks bitches hourly aside with your mom and can down a pint in 3 seconds. People cower in fear towards him. If you see Leon you better belive an Alex or a Chris is boosting them.
Oh would you look at the autistic chad Leon
by IgnitorPyrus February 16, 2020
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