Though they deny it (and think it's a joke), is the most beautiful person you know. They are trustworthy and their friends love them. They always are happy and are friendly to almost everyone. However, they won't hesitate to kick ass when they need to. Also really cute. Can get anyone they want, but not in a whore or slut way. Really cool to hang out with. Often is oblivious to the obvious feelings other people have for her. If you like her and have done nothing to upset her, don't be afraid to tell her. If she doesn't return the feelings but you have done nothing wrong to her, she will let you down easy.
Some guy: Oh my god, did you see Nita?
Another guy: Yeah dude, I wish I could hang out with her, but she always is with her friends
Some other guy: Yeah dude she's always oblivious.
by heresjohnnyhehehe April 13, 2018
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A sweet girl and cherishes friendships. Teased on many occasions by friends. However, forgiving to friends or strangers who are inconsiderate, unless they were assholes. Almost always fucking hot and can easily get guys if she wants but isn't a slut. High maintenance.
Damn i was a dick to Nita, hopefully she forgives me its hard to get back to her good side.
by imcavemen August 22, 2011
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A very talented artist that pours every ounce of her soul into what she does. A loving sister and one of the most caring demons in the world.
Nita has a wonderful family and the most caring heart.
by Tetsy99 May 28, 2019
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The most pengest girl in the world who is so amazing and is loved by everyone
by manlikeharishasianassasin September 20, 2019
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Short for Anastasia; A SEXY BEAST that has a beautiful smile. Really caring. Spicey as hell. Gorgeous eyes. Loyal as hell. Will never break your trust. Dont test her though she'll kick your tail. Love only one guy.
Damn Nita you're spicy . Woooow nita you're fine. Nita, a sexy beast . Ouch that coffie was Nita asf.
by Daddyslehsee May 8, 2018
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Some girl at my school
Random Kid: Hey there goes Nita.
by Agra March 30, 2004
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Nita, is one of the best! Friends ever, I could never ask for more! She absolutely Sweet and Funny! She actually is one of my closest best friends! I could never ask for more ..
Nita is My Closest Friend e.g. Nita is a name!
by Axmii4liferz January 7, 2022
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