leon is a good looking and smart person. He has beautiful brown hair and is extremely good at kissing. He is VERY rich and loves clothes and always wants more. leon has a hard time perpetuating the feelings of others, but when somebody has it hard it sticks to your side.
Ohhh..!! here comes Leon I wish I could be like him!!
by Someone123133 January 1, 2019
Leon is often very tall with a dark bushy afro. He often enjoys to play video games and he has a massive dick as well. He likes to call himself the goat, and he really is if you think about it.
His dick was so Leon.
by True Facts 2000 March 16, 2017
Hot croatian boy, he has six pack, black hair nice shouldera and every girl want him but love of his life is beautiful Lucija
Wow who is that beautiful couple?

Oh thats Leon i Lucija,they are perfect together!!
by Hehehohohahahehe May 8, 2018
red hair... goatee... baseball player... 1103- oh... wrong leon
Leon is hot man
by yuri ayato simp January 12, 2021
Tipping the contents of someone's pencil case or bag onto the ground or table when they are not present
Oh maan i got leoned
by Snowcat 978575 September 23, 2011
Has a HUGE cock, so huge that you could compare it to the mass of the multiverse
Look at that guy, his cock is so big it makes me drip instantly, "oh yeah that's Leon"
by Geggo December 2, 2021
Leon is way too loud and shouts a lot when it is not necessary. Leon thinks he is the only person in the world that doesn't have feelings. Leon pretends like he is tough but goes home every night crying. If you have a Leon in your life don't piss him off he will shout and make your eardrums explode.
Emily: Leon you need to be quiet you're too loud.
Leon: nO I aM nOt!
by debbiedowhoo November 30, 2018