Someone who is romantic but yet so spontaneous. Someone who is sweet but yet aggressive. Someone who's just so pleasant to be with and look at.
J: Hey babe! If you could describe me in one word what word would that be?
E: One Word?
J: Yeah
E: Charming.
by bbbbbaaashful March 1, 2010
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Hoarding the Charmin during a social distancing crisis
That guy is Charming.
by Kiman44 March 27, 2020
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To get your way, in a non-treatning way.
I have my ways of functioning in the world, but that guy! He is so charming, I lose my ideals.
by LogiXYZ November 12, 2019
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Used as an ironic response,as a way of saying 'don't be so personal!'
I bet you two idiots would make a fine pair together.

by SomeoneNew October 17, 2012
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Someone who is a serial killer. Psychopath/sociopath. Narsistically Likable, pleasant, attractive, charismatic and smart. Often has a dead body room somewhere close by.
"HI, I'm Ted. Need a ride?"

Neighbors and co-workers reported "He was so charming! I would have trusted him with my life!"

"He had such a charming smile."
by ShearMutiny January 12, 2019
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The process of excreting in someones mouth magicaly, in the shape of soft serve icecream.
I just spent the weekd end charming my Girlfriend
by Delsnatch June 6, 2009
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There is a certain guy that can describe exactly what charming means, and that guy is Benji. Benji is the literal definition of charming, perfect, amazing and everything. When you meet a Benji just know that you are gonna fall for him whether you like it or not, his charm and intelligence is enough to blow anyone of their feet, and benji certainly did to me. He will be the best thing that ever happens to you, he always has a way of making you happy when you’re sad and always makes you feel this kind of way that no one else can. He will make you feel butterflies and he will make you realise what true happiness is. If you have a benji in your life never EVER let him go, because that could be your biggest mistake ever. He knows what to do to make you smile, and he makes your heart so happy and warm. If you know a benji then you are one lucky person always remember that. Benji is the literal definition of charming.
Benji is hella charming ngl
by justjas101 October 24, 2019
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