The person all your guy friends want to fuck when they realize she isn't just yur little sister any more- she's your little virgin sister who is hot now that she has boobs and shaves her legs.
"Damn! Your sister is hot! When did that happen!?!?"
"Dude as your best friend, would it be weird if I fucked your sister?"
by Sexy Stephy June 7, 2004
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Its a more recent variation of 'your mom'. is often used to insult somebody with or without a sister. used more often now as your mom is becoming out dated. (still only used by douche bags)
first guy: i heard a noise last night what were you doing?
Douche bag: your sister
surrounding audience: OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!
random guy: i like turtles
2nd douche bag: i like your sister
. . .
by turtles are big February 13, 2011
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One hot piece of ass. Penises can be found in her mouth, pussy, and ass.
Damn, your sister is hot!
by Crackalac July 2, 2003
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a gorgeous woman who you have so much in common and love so much that she could be your sister
sarita is sooo crazy sexy cool im glad shes not your sister so you can have relations
by j-z August 9, 2012
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another name for a person who you "realy like" and want to tell joke about without her knowing...
look how much your sister is eating...
by babag March 31, 2005
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An absolute bitch that slaps you in your gob every time she sees you.

Shouts about her friends and her boyfriend
Friend:Your sister just kissed your boyfriend!!!
Me: what a bastard!
by DarkAngel1 May 11, 2019
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