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Short for Laurence. In other words, not your sister's or girlfriend's name.

Typically a big hearted Irishman (or Italian) who fills a room with his charismatic energy, has a gift for the gab and the tendency to say, "give us another one", most often meaning: a drink, a joke, a song or a kiss.

An affable man with great intellect, quick wit and the ability to laugh at himself.

The kindest man you could know.
Laurie, what a guy.

That Laurie on the other side of the room is five pints in and tells a pretty lame joke but man, he can sing, and his kisses are as smooth as scotch and honey.

Saw a brilliant Laurie at the comedy club the other night. Dude, he kept laughing his own ass off.

Laurie? Yeah, I know him. Totally dece.
by gracekelly2012 January 1, 2012
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