A perfect guy , he will never let you down. He is incrediblely sweet, caring , kind, faithful, talented, loving , very handsome but he is a gentleman . Laurence takes responsibility for his actions and apologizes even when it really doesn't matter because he respects women . There is no other kind of guy you would want to be !!!
My bestfriend is so incredibly amazing I would think he was a Laurence if I didn't know his name . Wait he is Laurence !!!
by LNB_Queen March 14, 2017
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Laurence is a beautiful girl. Her smile can brighten up anyones day. She is way smarter than she gives her self credit for. She’s very kind, loving, funny, lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, and perfectly imperfect. She’s the perfect sister to anyone, even if she’s not biologically your sister. She can be shy at sometimes, but not usually. She has everything a guy could ever want.
Laurence is my best friend and I would never let her go :)
by Aily April 30, 2020
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intelligent and handsome. sweet beyond belief. caring, kind, sincere, brilliant and hard working, well rounded and level headed, has a strong and beautiful mother and the cutest nephews and neices ever, handsome...and handsome again ;). articulate and thoughtful, dilligent and dependable, open minded. simply amazing and a true blessing to know. synonym- sweetest"
I know this guy named Laurence, and he has the greatest smile.
by Sweetie SB February 5, 2010
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A Laurence is someone who go's to someones house, eat's all of their pizza and leaves immediately after.
Did you see Aaron at the party last night. He just walked in and pulled a Laurence.
by Rayblade January 17, 2015
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Laurence, for a man, is one of the most caring, sweet, intelligent people you'll ever meet. He has a soft side for family and friends, and most probably knows how to cook. He is such a gentleman, and is super hot as well. He is a carefree person, who, of course get all the ladies.

Laurence, for a female, is a beautiful, caring, lovable person. She can also be very tough. Although she may be VERY stubborn, she is an amazing person to hang out with. She has, as well, a soft side for family and good friends.
She most probably gets irritated if you say her name incorrectly. She always puts others before herself.

girl 1: Oh my god! Laurence is so hot! He smiled and held the door for me this morning.
girl 2: I know right! Rumor has it he knows how to cook. So attractive.

girl 1: Have you met the girl named Laurence yet? She's such a sweetheart! And she's super funny and gorgeous as well!
by ILike80'sMusic_JudgeMe July 16, 2018
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She's half of the time a french canadian girl. She's super sweet with everyone until you don't like her. Laurence can be such a bitch between your back, but if you're her victim, you've made something for it to happen. It's called karma, bitch.
Laurence is such an amazing friend.
She's my best bitch friend.
by Anawesomebitch September 13, 2020
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