Meaning Lumpy Spunk and Alcohol.

This term concerns anything and is normally to agree on something or to end a sentence.
You know I couldn't believe it, I mean L S & A and all that!
by Joey February 15, 2005
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Liquid shit: A quicker less embarrassing way to say Diarrhea.
Nicole's spicy L S was causing her to burn holes in her underwear.
by TITTIES!!!! April 21, 2009
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Laughing so hard. An extended version of LFR (laughing for real). Strictly to be used only when one is actually laughing out loud very hard.

Recommended for use when one's jaw or sides are in pain from laughing, when one is on the verge of tears from laughter, or when multiple exchanges of "LFRRRRRRR" are becoming repetitive and getting out of control.

Invented in 2005 by Benny G.
This is how to use L S H properly and effectively.

someone: anyone can read the news to you
someone: i promise to feel the news at you
someone: :)
you: L
you: S
you: H
by Taco Watson October 22, 2005
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Long Slow Distance is just one of the runs needed in the training program for someone intending to run marathons; speed, strength and hills are also important. So if you hear a runner say they have to go to bed early because they are doing LSD in the morning do not call a rehab center.

L S Ds and Speed are for runners!
L S Ds are part of any serious runners training program; Thursdays are my LSD runs.
by Denise Schmigelski October 20, 2006
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Got Trophy USC? And by the way, grits are #1
by David March 4, 2004
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the most beautiful person around has a BLONDE best friend hu is very funny at times and great the next,breaks walls and hazzardous around garden chairs
compared to Angelina Jolee
by Georgia February 10, 2005
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