To style a person -
Jamaican slang - to disrespect a person/ thing or treat them in an unfair way.
Yo! Dawg! If you style the thing, yah know you in big trouble.

Bob: Eats his slice of cake and goes back to eat his friend's slice.

Peter: Don't try style me, my yute. You already had yours.
by Tropical Rythms October 11, 2019
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The romantic pairing, and/or ship name, for the South Park characters Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh. It's unclear how long this ship has been around, and for how long people have been pairing them - however, there are some ship edits on youtube of them that were made as far back as 2007.
by southparkfanatic2004 May 31, 2018
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Japanese slang for figure/psysique.
"That cute guy has great style."

"She has no style, she's like a stick."

"I'm not into big style, I like my men trim."
by Allaiyah June 25, 2004
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used to express good news. an expression of agreement.
erin® says:
....and the boss is leaving. woo!
d-low says:
by d-low November 26, 2003
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A state of eminently fashionable elegance and grandeur elevated by the subject's elation over his or her own narcissistic magnificence.

Pronunciation key: (generally, the three words are said in succession quickly, with teeth first clenched tightly, like the first syllable of the word "lollipop")
Jim: I look like a million bucks in this suit...

Andrew: Style style style...
by Haleb June 21, 2008
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