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someone who prevents someone from getting sex.
by Joey March 20, 2003

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the lead singer of the strokes, julian casablancas (aka jules) also writes all of the strokes music and lyrics. some of his musical inspiration comes from the cure, the doors, and especially the velvet underground. he is half spanish, half danish, his middle name is fernando, and he hates pringles. he often kisses his bandmates, and air (dry) humps the strokes drummer, fabrizio moretti. he has a drinking problem, and is very very beautiful, and often stoned. very witty, intelligent, and funny. he is my soulmate.
julian casablancas is the hottest guy in the entire world.
by joey April 08, 2004

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i don't think so. for all u lazy ppl out there that abbreviate.
person 1: did we have any english hw?
person 2: idts
by joey November 16, 2004

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walking with attitude
walkin down the street
by joey May 09, 2003

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No Reason Boner
I was sitting in class when I got a huge NRB.
by Joey February 26, 2003

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The DOPEISH is a fucking moron, here's why:

Ja Rule went to an all-white private school, which he admits to making him feel like a tough guy, though he is a bitch.
50 Cent put out 21 Questions...Okay? 2Pac put out How Do U Want It, does that make him a pussy?

Ja Rule does NOTHING but love ballads now. He is all about duets with Ashanti, and he is a fucking bitch. He is now trying to be hard again, because he was made fun of so much when 50 Cent came out and made a mockery of him.
'I smell pussy, is that you Ja?'
'You sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster'
Real Rap Fan #1 : So what is the worst rap song / rapper of all time in the hip hop world?

Real Rap Fan #2 : As long as Ja keeps making music, we can never truly judge.
by Joey December 29, 2004

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forget thongs and g-strings those are slutty and ugly now say hello to BOYSHORTS!!! girl could be 250 pounds and if she has some boyshorts on i would hit it... flat out they that damn fine!
got to love boyshorts
by joey November 02, 2004

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