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Hey baby, can I have some of those beaut anus flakes of yours!
by Joey May 7, 2006
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A townie hangs around in groups of about 15, they go drinking, they usually go out looking for fights, they always have a mobile stuck to their head, and the girls wear the tightest tops they can (which is not a good thing because usually they are way too fat)! And their vocabulary usually consists of Fucking, slag & slut. They pick on people just because they are not like them, and they can't except others!
"You fucking slag, you is in for it now, innit!"
by Joey February 17, 2004
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When your nipples are hard
I tweaked my nipple and it perked up like a hard on.
by Joey September 12, 2004
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Used like "for real?" or "really" would be.
"Ay dog Shamique just got busted in her head god..three times god"

"Square biz, where?"
by Joey October 12, 2003
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To rub your taint on to your hand and slap a chum in the face.
Billy taint slapped eddie in the face, leaving his face sweaty and poopy.
by Joey September 20, 2003
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Team choad is a Magical team of Genius individuals who Own all who Oppose them On Xanga.
Don't Fuck with team choad they will Pwn you like a Dirty NOOB.
by Joey April 5, 2005
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Usually a way of refusal. Much like "straight."
"ay you tryin to hit dis?"
"Nah dog, i'm stig"
by Joey October 13, 2003
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