132 definitions by Joey

The girls puberty was heralded by her menarche
by Joey January 2, 2004
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In other words your stoned off your ass and cant say smoking pot right.
derrrrrr.... were poking smot.
by Joey March 27, 2003
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When you roll two blunts together.
"rollin two phily's together - in the bridge we call em o-ops"
by Joey October 13, 2003
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1.) Something as respectable or in the same league as the amazingness of a very large penis.

2.) Something cool, hip, awesome, or new.

3.) Geek slang for "Unbelievable!"

4.) Used to describe a man's skill in bed.
1.) Dude, that girl that Joey boned was wangoriously hot.

2.) Dude, Gabe's new jeans are wangorious.

3.) Dude, my new ATI Radeon x800 Pro is one wangorious card, dude.

4.) I heard Zach is mega-wangorious.
by Joey December 12, 2004
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