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Something that serves no actual purpose, yet is there to make you feel big. Such as an object given to you for winning a game, or a woman.
"This is Barbara, my trophy wife. God, I hate her."
by Devil October 22, 2003
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slang term for a baby, the prize you'll possibly win for having sex
Girl: I told my friend that a gang bang at the college was a bad idea. Now she's pregnant.

Guy: Look on the bright side. If she decides to keep the baby, she'll have a trophy to flaunt.
by Q-City Wordsmith October 24, 2009
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A word meaning a top class animal like a deer or elk with a big set of antlers.
"Hey Bob."
"Hey Joe."
"Can you come my house for a bit."
"I shot a trophy and need help gutting it."
"Sure Bob... sure."
by swoopdawoop July 26, 2009
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Child belonging to unwed, single, and sexually active mother.
(1) Damn man, that fat ass skank bitch is chillin up at the bar getting her drink on while her little trophy be running around screaming and busting shit up. (2) Damn dog, how could you take that skank ass bitch home with those two little trophies hanging on you and calling you daddy n shit.
by vanyort September 4, 2008
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In ebonics an illegitimate child, particularly when the father is black and the mother is white.
Lisa had been messin' around with Tyrone. Nine months later, she had the trophy to prove it.
by Walter Moores February 20, 2005
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n. A child of an attractive woman. To a man, an object of conquest. Other Spellings include trophie, tr0fee.
Look at Jim, smiling with his trophies and that hot wife.
by pylorns October 3, 2003
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An official victory and/or a "win". (in auto racing) A trophy is equivalent to finishing first in a race.
Second place isn't good enough, we need trophies. -Racing Driver
by Racer93 June 11, 2014
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