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The south,used as a adjective to define an attractive girl
Wow, that girl is one georgia peach
by georgia September 04, 2004
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This word is quite often used as a female form of Metalhead (although metalhead's can be female)

A true metalchick dresses in a similar way to a male metalhead. I.e - tight, faded jeans, band t-shirts(usually in skinny fit) some piercings or tattoos, and some jewelery. This type of Metalchick tends to dig Metallica, Machine Head, Slayer.....etc.

Some Metalchicks may dress more like girls are 'supposed' to. I.e - very tight pants(usually leather or pvc) tight/revealing tops, and big fluffy hair. This look is favoured by girls who like bands like Motley Crue, Kiss and Van Halen.
JAMES: "Dude, check out that metalchick!"
CHRIS: "She's hardcore man"
JOSH: "Dude, check out that metalchick"
ROBERT: "Man, she looks like the lead singer from Motley Crue, I wanna fuck her"
by Georgia June 24, 2004
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An abbreivation of 'Scandinavian' so any person (male or female) who is an inhabitant of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or someone of Scandinavian blood.
Jukka-Pekka: "Hi"
Georgia: "Hi, where are you from?"
Jukka-Pekka: "Finland"
Georgia: "Yay, a Scandie! :) "
by Georgia March 26, 2005
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To kiss, hug, and lick at the same time
I love you so much! -kisshuglick-
by Georgia March 19, 2005
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Festivals are a place where lots of different people come from different parts of the country in order to support a charity or to have a good time with the rest of the community.
glastumbury, womad, ashton court, ballon fiesta, respect in the west, kite festival, ect
by georgia February 06, 2004
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Giraflent = Giraffe + Elephlant

a Giraflent is a threat to all Donkapillers thats the only i mean ONLY food they will eat. There are very vicious...

So don't let your Donkapillers out at night even if they can defend for themselves...
Giraffe + Elephlant
by Georgia July 03, 2004
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Shiny Toasters are a strange animal that like to eat Xbox's or if they are feeling in a slitly different mood Playstation 2 and 2 only. They only breed if the Purple toasters are in season. The only threat to Shiny Toasters are Donkapillers The toasters can be very feriouces and are known to eat humans. They are only feriouces is you were silver because that is there trade mark.

Soooo beware they can get very horny at night

Shiny coloured Toasters
by Georgia June 24, 2004
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