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is a breath of fresh spring air! Anyone that has anything bad to say about Jolee, doesn`t know her, or is jealous. Jolee is beautiful beyond compare inside and out. She has a kind, and gentil way that puts people at ease. When Jolee`s not around, the world is dark; her smile parts clouds, and brightens lives. She`s always a beaming ray of sunshine! Jolee`s my favorite name, because Jolee is my favorite person.
I caught this smile on my face from Jolee. Her smile`s contageous!
by live42day June 21, 2011
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She is very pretty! She’s funny and makes everyone laugh at her amazing jokes. She is very outgoing and gives of so many positive vibes. She’s a loyal friend, but she also loves to gossip and loves knowing the tea. Jolee is always chewing gum bc she can’t function without it. Everyone overall loves Jolee!
She is such a Jolee!!!
by teakittysister October 02, 2018
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Jolee's are amazing girls. They are very pretty inside out. They are very loyal friends. They are nice to everyone to their face. But have been known to sometimes be evil behind someones back. But only when they get very mad. All the boys love them and all the girls are friends with Jolee. She is very honest and trustworthy. She has lovers and haters. So pick your team.
Boy: Jolee is soo hot.
Girl: She's my best friend.
Girl 2: She is mean sometimes, but I love her anyway!
by kjhlfsdkjgo; June 05, 2009
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A very evil, yet entertaining and lovable girl. Jolees typically enjoy gossiping, scheming, and talking. They are often deceivingly pretty. Short people tend to be attracted to Jolee. She is only "sweet" to people she likes, or people she barely knows. All her friends know that she is a little bitch, but they love her anyway. She likes to slap a slut whenever she sees one and her favorite pastime is blackmailing. She hates her friends' enemies as her own. She's a loyal friend overall.
Oh that Jolee... so evil but so lovable.
by anonymous :D May 14, 2008
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An arrogant gayass bitch. One of the most annoying crackers you will ever meet.
Holy shit is that a Jolee? She's such an arrogant little cracker!!
by kingdaddycylinder December 05, 2010
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dumbass bitch who likes to talk SHIT and won’t say it to your face. oh and always comes at you sideways!
she is such as jolee.
by much love bitches June 12, 2018
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She is not very pretty and she can be nice and behind your back she will tear your heart apart. Watch out for her.
"look it's jolee" "STAY away from her she will kill you she might look nice but she isn't
by Uglygirl1225 June 02, 2018
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