Shorthand for any terrible, redneck, cousin-fucking band using overblown vocals, unimaginative guitar riffs, clichΓ©d lyrics an 11-year-old could write, and generally mind-numbingly boring, predictable musical devices in the vein of Creed, another horrifically unoriginal, grating band, but with shitty Christian lyrics.
"Hey sexy, I've got tickets to see Hinder, Blue October, and Finger Eleven..."

"Eww! Nicklebacks suck!" (Maces him and lights his mullet on fire)
by Pawelsky March 22, 2008
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a band that tries to appeal to classic rock lovers but we all hate it. the leader sing of this band sounds like he swallowed many sheets of sand paper. also referd to as Nippleback.
I hate nickleback they try to be cool but are just fags.
Yeah i know i hate nippleback!
by I Know Shit August 16, 2006
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A contemptuous. derogatory, or demeaning term for a group of musical performers. Usually marked by sophomoric lyrics hitting on overly agreeable, mass appealing themes.
Person 1: Hey, how was that show last night?
Person 2: Ugh, bunch of Nicklebacks. What a waste of money.
by Vito_T October 12, 2010
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Normally a homosexual act of leaving a small deposit of semen mixed with faeces left on the other males back after anal penetration. Generally similar in size & colour to a nickel.
I gave him (or my lover) a Nickleback.
by MarkyGeeGee June 11, 2009
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If You Like The Band Nickleback You Probably Also Like Beer And Racecars. (May Or May Not Have A Mullet)
Hey Come Over To My House To Drink Some Beer Watch Some Racecars And Listen To Some Nickleback.
by Amber Jonas January 08, 2010
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