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A person who will listen to you even when time are tough. They will judge themselves on small stuff and are sometimes hard on themselves. Out in public people will think they are introverted and hate everyone. Most people will judge them without getting to know them. They are also a perv almost all the time. At night they are loving and caring and a completely different person. They want affection and to be love by someone. They will be real with you and not fake.
Tammy: Have you seen Koji? I bet he doesn't care about anyone but himself.
Tarry: I have some messages that would beg to differ.
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by Bakergirl4life April 18, 2018
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A very good bean that deserves love and attention...uh and something else, I dunno-
"Haha I made this for you Koji. Hope you're happy. Youre nOT A STINKY!"
by Nobody huehuehue September 02, 2018
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A personality which reveals the dark side of a person and let their anger explode in certain situations. It is a personality to joke around but to respect, anyone who come across a Koji must be respectful at all times otherwise the anger within will emerge then explode, they won't stop until you beg them for mercy so be warned Koji is a mortal not to be meddled with.
'' Oh no guys, i think we might have a problem Koji has taken over him...''
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by fIIrIoIIg June 16, 2020
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