The most breathtaking chinko that you will ever encounter. Often simply referred to as, "Chinko" by people of equally breathtaking status.
Person: "Hey! Its Koji!"
N: "You mean Chinko..."
Person: "Oh, I'm actually not allowed to call him that."
N: "I can see why..."
by BallFreeTommy<3 November 20, 2011
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Verb (most commonly), Noun, Adjective. It basically means horrible horrible luck and anything generally associated with it. Named for Koji for the digitalmzx.net forums who seems to have such a horrible run of bad luck that he must've broken a funhouse, not just a mirror.
v: "Yeah, I got zapped by lightning walking home from school on a clear day" "Wow, you got kojied."

n: "A shovel fell out of a plane onto my head" "Thats koji for you."

a: "I got trampeled by a rampaging herd of Indian elephants while walking 10 miles from the zoo." "Sounds like a koji day."
by The Man April 05, 2005
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Someone who is uglee and stubid
"omg look it's koji."
"Ew I hate him he's so stupid."
by Kojee September 02, 2018
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A person who will listen to you even when time are tough. They will judge themselves on small stuff and are sometimes hard on themselves. Out in public people will think they are introverted and hate everyone. Most people will judge them without getting to know them. They are also a perv almost all the time. At night they are loving and caring and a completely different person. They want affection and to be love by someone. They will be real with you and not fake.
Tammy: Have you seen Koji? I bet he doesn't care about anyone but himself.
Tarry: I have some messages that would beg to differ.
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by Bakergirl4life May 28, 2018
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