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A woman who looks incredibly tasty when one is pissed at 2 in the morning, but the thought of whom turns one's stomach in the sober light of day.
"I met a Kebabe last night. Eurgh"
by Alex January 19, 2004
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In the same vein as a late night street kebab (kabab, kebob, kabob, etc..) sounds so delicious when you're drunk that you eat one only to wake-up the next morning feeling ill...a kebabe is a chick who you pick-up at night after leaving the bars thinking she's a a good idea...only to be sick the next morning when you wake-up next to her.
Most often used in England, S. Africa or Australia
Guy 1: Bru, I'm hammered, let's grab some kebabes.
Guy 2: Sorry Mate, last time I brought home one of those dolls I woke-up in the morning and thought I fucked a bear...I'll stick to the chicken kebabs.
by -phranc July 28, 2010
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