Bru means the same as bro but its a south african way of saying it..

or just taking the piss way of saying bro
Hows it going bro

Hows it going bru
by robnib May 17, 2007
An alternate way of saying bruh, but they just don't care as much when about what you're saying. Then all the sudden they try and play it off like it was a mistake but they know damn well they meant to spell it like that way.

That's a real bruh moment.
"Bro I stole this pen from my friend"
"Thats cool bru"
by ArcadeSilence December 6, 2019
Word used when expressing confusion towards your french friends.
Jean-Charles: Je suce ta couille.
Mike: Bru
by MikeCoxlongShakespeare December 4, 2020
Not to be confused with brew, bru is an alternate spelling of the word 'bro'. Often but not necessarily pronounced with a slurred tone humorous.
by Hoodshake June 28, 2015
A young boy often reveared for his skills in life, and his ability to have any and every females swooning for him. He is powerful and tall. At least 6 foot. He has 300 wives and is an absolute savage.
That kid is SUCH a Bru!

- I know! He stole my girlfriend by making eye contact!
by Yung Putnam April 3, 2018
Derived from the name "Brutus", the man who betrayed Julius Caesar. A bru is a "friend" who repeadetely stabs you in the back with no care for your feelings. A bru is like a bro with no morals. If you thought a bro was bad, you obviously haven't met a bru.
Wow... Benedict Arnold was such a bru.
by Eff-Four January 31, 2011
A combination of the words brah and dude. Surfer lingo.
Hey bru, can you toss me the surf wax?
by SurferByTheSea April 18, 2012