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To hunt down and capture a wild Kebab in a group consisting of two or more fellow Kebabbers and a Jaccrington. Usually sighted on Friday and Saturday nights, the Wild Kebabs are a British delicacy that takes extreme skill and sharp wit to locate, track and finally capture for consumption.

WARNING - Kebabbing is not for the feint of heart, as side effects could be quite severe, including symptoms such as obesity, high cholesterol and diarrhea.
After a night out, a group may decide that they are hungry and wish to venture out in an urban area to locate food. On the journey, said group may come across a Wild Kebab, capture it and eat it. These Kebabs are usually located in larger groups around chippies and fast food take aways. Once the Kebab has been consumed, then the mission of Kebabbing is complete and the participants can return home.
by Jaccrington December 09, 2013
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The act of rotating your body slowly around a heat source in cold weather, in particular mushroom heaters, in order to get an even distribution of warmth across the body.
Kate: Hey John what are you doing man?
John: Im kebabbing, my back is burning but Im freezing my tits off
by gronk July 20, 2008
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To kebab, one must have a monster cock to impale a selected female... through both ends... simultaneously. The unique and often painful act derived from the widely exercised practice that is known as spit roasting - or commonly 'spitting' which requires two impalers and one impaler. This closely resembles a rotisserie cooker or 'spit roast' a common delicacy amongst greeks. Coincidently, wogs and guidos account for the majority of spitters (impalers) and spitties (impaled) in todays society.

The act originated in the small island state of Tasmania, south of mainland australia. Whilst spit roasting commonly requires 3 participants, Tasmanians, whom are renowned for their two heads and monster cocks, have contrived the efficient and comprehensible method that allows spitting to occur with only one impalie.

Initially spitting emerged as Tasmanian technique that allowed the two headed impaler to take part in the act of spitting with out the feat generating what is known as a gang-bang.

person #1 'dude look at that moist bitch right there, we should totally spit roast her'

person #2 'no way man! that's totally gay! you will spray your seed all over me!'

person #1 'guess im going to be kebabbing tha bitch'

person #2 'word'
by vicmeistermay October 27, 2010
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