Refers to a girl who is not good at pole dancing.
She is not very aesthetic while spinning around the pole so she looks like a kebab.
- Rob: "This dancer is not very good..."
- Jun: "Yeah, she's such a kebab"
by sapristi August 06, 2021
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Verb 1: to overuse, overplay, destroy, crush, ruin, deface

Verb 2: to loosen/wreck a girl's pussy as a result of hardcore sex/fucking/smashing
1. I've really kebabbed that song, Seek Bromance

2. He must really kebab her especially as they've been spending a lot of time alone recently.
by captainmeat December 24, 2011
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The insirtion of penis into both ends of a person at the same time
by Robby d October 15, 2003
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(verb) When three or more lesbians with two or more double-headed dildos engage in a vagina-anus-vagina daisy-chain of sorts.
Dude 1: "Where's Kate, Michelle, and Suzanne?"

Dude 2: "In the other room, kebabing."
by lobstalunch February 16, 2010
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an anthropological movement where the development of religion, literature and law are all centered around the use of skewers, meat and other items related to the making of an kebab. Most notable phenomenon of the movement include the rise of the Kebab VooDooism, prevalent use of the words 'yogurt' and 'chili' in legal document to signify importance and replacement of nearly a tenth of the Turkish vocabulary by the word Kebab. The movement is still ongoing.
Applications of Kebabism:
When ordering food, 'I will have kebab (tea), a small kebab (prawn salad) and a kebab (Kebab) please'

It's extremely chili to maintain patient confidentiality

Take the holy shish, the spirit of the kebab will show you the way
by TheCrusader November 29, 2012
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To hunt down and capture a wild Kebab in a group consisting of two or more fellow Kebabbers and a Jaccrington. Usually sighted on Friday and Saturday nights, the Wild Kebabs are a British delicacy that takes extreme skill and sharp wit to locate, track and finally capture for consumption.

WARNING - Kebabbing is not for the feint of heart, as side effects could be quite severe, including symptoms such as obesity, high cholesterol and diarrhea.
After a night out, a group may decide that they are hungry and wish to venture out in an urban area to locate food. On the journey, said group may come across a Wild Kebab, capture it and eat it. These Kebabs are usually located in larger groups around chippies and fast food take aways. Once the Kebab has been consumed, then the mission of Kebabbing is complete and the participants can return home.
by Jaccrington December 09, 2013
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