Don't even get my started on this girl! You're lucky if she even remembers to come to your birthday party. She claims to hate basic people but will secretly wear a crop top when you're not looking. She has long hair to whip at her enemies.
Person 1: Omg why didn't you come? I spend $300 on your invite! Did you forget?
Kathleen: no. I just didn't think I should tell you that I can't come.
by DontOofAroundMe February 3, 2019
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a crazy mofo from fourth floor notorious for wearing pimp furs and spandex. favorite activities include partying like a rock star, mothering Santa's babies, freaking out boys from Sorin, speaking Greek and Latin, and straight chillin'.
Kathleen hates Easy Mac. It creeps her out.
by Katie Peralta January 4, 2008
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A person known for dating around, even when cousins are on the table
"I heard that girl dated her cousin"
"Yeah, that's Kathleen"
by SmallDEnergy August 6, 2018
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Kathleen is an amazing person who stands up for what they believe in. They do not conform to gender roles and that is 100% Okay. Kathleen's can be sassy and flamboyant but also reserved and opinionated. Don't be afraid to approach a Kathleen because they are often gay and will turn out to be a really great person.
Man. Kathleen is such an amazing person. I'm so glad that I met them.
by MaybeImGay February 21, 2017
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A middle school math teacher who knows how to have a good time. She is liked by all near her. Everyone gets absorbed by her in 10 feet, due to her saucyness
by Greasy Meatball February 1, 2017
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A fucking woman who looks like a betlog,

that looks like a witch and that sucks at volleyball
by Toxicaqt December 1, 2019
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She is a very rude woman, almost on the poing of being a bitch
Wow that woman is such a Kathleen
by Dlehman July 24, 2019
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