A term used in fanfictions to say that there will only be one body of text. (One chapter)
"Severus Snape struggles to find his way, and redemption, after the war. One shot."
by Domccus June 29, 2006
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A term used in fanfiction literature by the authors writing a single chapter. Somewhat Similar to a short story used in regular literature.
One shot--We went through and through and came out blank.
by Saggeebush ! December 19, 2008
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one shot is a top down puzzle RPG where you control the character named NIKO, a cat-person.
this game is known for being VERY meta, even being more meta than Undertale, and that's saying something considering the metaness of Undertale, WARNING: the game WILL make you cry, in the true ending.... and thats all im going to say so i wont spoil it for you
one shot
by someone else thats not u May 10, 2021
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when a gamer does not damage a player, but tells his teammates otherwise
by K1NG_D0M March 29, 2021
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In group gatherings where strong alcoholic beverage is served, Koreans often say out loud " one shot " in English which means one shoud empty his shot glass in one gulp.
Now it's your turn to drink. " one shot ".
by woo joong kim / jee soo kim August 7, 2007
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Term, often used in Halo, to identify an opponant in which one shot to the head with most weapons (Battle Rifle, Magnum, Carbine) will kill said opponant. In other words, the player has no shield.
Commonly used in serious MLG games, this term is often combined with the location of the player.
The purpose of using this term is to request assistance from a nearby teammate in killing the opponant, because in most cases the player identifying said opponant would be unable to do so.
It is important to remember when using this term in-game that it is only effective when paired with a specific location of the player.
"He's one shot in BR1!"
"One shot, BR1!"
by Enzo N20 June 10, 2008
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1. Usually used in MOORPG's to describe an event where a high level NPC or monster kills your 10,000 hit point character in one fatal swoop.

2. Can also be used to describe an event where serious pwnage is credited.

1.My decked out Pally got One Shotted by Onyxia.

2.The snowboarding spill was so epic that dude got One Shotted to the top.
by Imallin August 7, 2006
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