1. Someone who writes two pages for every one page read, and sees some form of symbolism and deeper meaning within every word.

2. Someone who is so terribly biased toward their own comprehension of the text that they mark what their students thought the text meant wrong because it wasn't what they thought.

(usually they are both 1 and 2)
1. It was kinda windy today
normal people: huh, it's windy. I should bring a coat
English teacher: the wind is the spirit and breath of the universe, some tremendously important event is about to occur!
by Sylferi November 26, 2018
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A person who puts more thoughts into a text than the actual author did.
For instance: "the curtains were blue"
What your English teacher thinks: "the curtains represent represent his immense depression and lack of will to carry on."
What the author meant: "The curtains were fucking blue."
by choclemon December 1, 2011
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People who put more thoughts into a novel than the original owner did
English teacher:I can’t keep a stable marriage

https: //m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
by IG Tagzii March 9, 2020
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People working as english teachers are like ice cream, you can easily tell the quality on the basis of the first impression.
It is hard to see whether it is the intended meaning or just my english teacher's personal interpretation.
by Doruk bey August 14, 2019
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An English teacher is a teacher who overly exaggerates everything by saying a red table is angry and the blue chair is sad. They also have favourites which is obvious. If they ask to describe a red table, they will automatically say that it is angry or mad. It is not angry or mad. It is just a table.
You might say: are you sad like a blue chair?
Them: no. don't be an English teacher
by Outrageously stunning April 10, 2020
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A person who tries to find meaning in the most minuscule things possible, sorry to break it to you, but the food choice in the first chapter of “of mice and men” means as much as evangelion

Although, some things are clear foreshadowing. take, for example the strawberry cake scene in part 5 of JOJOS BIZZARE adventure,

In it, Mista, who has tetraphobia, is mad that the group he’s in got 4 slices of cake, another person, abacchio, takes a slice

He’s the first to die

Another person, narancia, who is smarter than the average user of this cesspool of a site, says 16*55 is 28 (it’s actually 880 If you think for whatever reason that he’s right you absolute monkey-brained individual) to which, another person stabs him with a fork,

He dies by getting impaled by a portcullis (the gate thing on a castle)

Additionally, the fork stabbing person, was meant to betray them (he just leaves in the actual version)
Bro my English teacher was arrested for being the kingpin of a meth empire
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A teacher who is a feminazi boomer.
Damn, my English teacher is teaching us how to kill men.
by swimmers0115 September 23, 2019
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