When someone calls you out online and you respond with K, and then bring the receipts to invalidate their argument.
Emery was called out for not serving, so responded with K, and served up the receipts Klingon revenge style: a sweet dish, served cold.
Dan said, ouch "K Bomb"
by Dan, D-List Super Villain July 18, 2021
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Responding with a simple "K" usually over text or internet. This is not a pleasant reply, it usually is code for "Fuck you" or "You're really pissing me off" It gets your negative point across more effectively then not replying at all.
Dylan: "Sorry I liked everything on your Facebook wall, I thought you would find it funny."
Gabby: "K"
Dylan: "Ouch.. K Bomb."
by hipsterskum January 2, 2011
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i sent jon to joe's house to get some k bombs
by ipitythefool October 23, 2004
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A single letter word that can Destroy a Conversation.
Melvin: I'm going to kick your ass
333kills: k
by Urban Dictionary August 2, 2006
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Shortened version of knowledge bomb, technically a noun but more often used as a verb. Indicates a sudden deployment of knowledge all over a recipient's face, much like bukake.
Johnson: Dude, you can't imply that she's a slut.
Jack: Well, you can't imply that I said that!
Johnson: I didn't imply, I inferred, faggot. K bombed.
by PeopleAgainstFucktards March 12, 2010
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After sending someone a text they reply to you. Expecting some relevant infomation you check the message only to realize they simply replied with "K", which is unnecessary, a waste of your time, and a hit to your expectations.

K-Bombers are unfamiliar with today's technology and do not realize the general rule for texting is a text sent is a text recieved.
My Text: I'll pick you up on 20 minutes.

Reply Text: K

Me after checking the text: K-Bombed again!
by TheJexster May 31, 2012
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Ketamine pressed into a pill or 'pitted' in a ball of paper and swallowed.
"I dumped 2 K-bombs and 4 disco biscuits at the rave."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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