One of the very first people that created ninjas nearly two thousand centuries ago.
A very powerful ninja known to dominate the rival ninja known as Jasmin.
His power is so mighty it is said that it rivals that of Chuck Norris.
A tour-group came to a huge city that was totally demolished; "what happened here," they asked. The guide simply said Melvin.
by kaibakid February 11, 2010
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a boy you love to look at. his skin is perfecty smooth and tan, his eyes are dark and dangerous and his smile is to die for. he's very smart especially in creative writing even if he is somewhat an overachiever. he loves soccer and is fiercly loyal to his friends. with just a wink he'll melt your heart and you will promise him your virginty. he can own your vagina with just a glance.
girl 1: omg did you see that guy?? he winked at me and my vagina belonged to him
girl 2: oh yeah that happened to me yesterday, he's such a melvin.
by torimusic April 30, 2012
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A Melvin is one of the best friends one person could have, they are always supportive and have an open heart. They sometimes hide their real feelings but if you become their friend they will open their heart out to you. Melvins are one of the best people you could meet so if you meet one keep him. Some Melvins are tall and most play sports. They are really easy to talk to and they will defend themselves and their friends(if needed.) Also he is smart and most likely loves to work out and cardio is his weakness.
"Hey, what's that dudes name?"
"His name is Melvin, he's so nice and I'm happy to call him MY bestfriend!"

"Oh, that's cool!"
by Okay so basically, I'm me. November 28, 2018
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A rare person that jacks off everyday usually have ligma
Melvin’s arm is hugs,girl omg yea Melvin’s friend yea he maturbates daily
by Shgwbaj July 21, 2018
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The realest nigga out. Point blank period. If you run into him you might as well drop your panties. Not only is he sexy but hes sexy as fuckkkk. If somehow you can wife him up then you better be throwing it back better then any girl out there.
Girl 1: Damn girl did you see him ?
Girl 2: Hell yes thats Melvin <3
Girl 1: Have your panties dropped yet ?
Girl 2: Duhhhhh
by Whyyyy March 6, 2013
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Adam Lambert's facial hair, loved by some, hated by others
Glamberts are going crazy, Adam grew Melvin again!
by Loheli December 10, 2012
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A severely odd and uncool person.
A wimp or a tool.
Mom, why do I have to play in the marching band? All the band kids are frickin' Melvins.
by The Wonderboy August 6, 2005
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