Emery Is someone who is extremely beautiful inside and out. With and without makeup she is gorgeous. She always puts others before herself even if it causes her stress or pain. When she's upset she doesn't want people to know because she feels powerless and she's a strong person. She is caring and compassionate but she doesn't take crap from anyone so don’t cross the line. She's not afraid to be social and dance in the street and be crazy but she can also be very antisocial and quiet. When people talk to her they can't help but smile because she's a very positive and great person to be around. She has a very dark sense of humour but she is very goofy and most likely one of the funniest in the group. Emery will most likely be the most popular in the group. When i see sunshine I think of Emery. She's the baddest b*tch at the party. She’s loud and crazy, Emery is the type of person to be down to do anything! She's not quick to trust anyone but she's also not quick to judge. An Emery is very hard to win over but she loves deep and hard, she will do everything she can to not lose you. She is scared to love but once she is comfortable with you,you have her heart. An Emery is the kind of person you want to keep in your life forever because she really can brighten up your darkest days. If you are blessed enough to have a Emery in your life never let her go! She will be the best thing that happend to you!
1: Omg emery is here!!

2: Omg no way!
1&2: hey b*tchhhh!!!! I love you!! I missed you!!!
by Cr*clheadshi*iit June 24, 2020
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Usually a person that is awesome and doesn't give a crap about anyone.
Emery is awsome
by Yeetman2274 November 13, 2019
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The surname of a tribe of men known to have very large genitalia. This tribe is particularly concentrated in the midwestern United States, specifically Illinois. Their size and sheer girth is staggering to most females.
Ron: Who are those kids that are stealing all our young split tail?
W Brasky: Oh them. They're all Emery's. They all have cocks the size of trolley cars. It's unreal.
by Reginald D. Emery January 14, 2011
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Emery is a beautiful name. It’s meant for a boy but I think that it’s much better for a girl. She is strong, beautiful on the inside and out and is always there for anyone. At school all the boys love her but yet she hates herself and the way she looks. At the end of the day she loves her self deeply but she doesn’t always act like it especially when she is alone.
Person1: What’s the matter EMERY?
Emery: I’ve already said this before, I don’t know
by Anonymous000000007 January 21, 2019
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An incredibly muscular man containing staggering genital size and a jaw droppingly deep sexy voice. An Emery is an Alpha male, someone who likes to show off his sheer dominance and powerful masculinity by flexing his muscles.
Christine: (Walks to Gym) Hey Sarah! Abs today?
Sarah: Yeah, 2 sets so far!
Christine: Oh ok I think I'll do Abs too......*gasp*..
Sarah: What?
Christine: Look at that guy over there, he's so sexy and big...and is that an anaconda in his pants?
Sarah: WOW, must be an Emery!
by Nexus920 August 6, 2011
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Extremely captivating guy, who could easily be mistaken as otherworldly hot. Sexy voice. Sweet when he wants to be, but always enchanting. Very seductive kisser. Wise beyond his years, can make mothers blush and daughters melt. He was the inspiration behind the pringles slogan "once you pop, you cant stop."
"wow, he's so hot, must be an emery."

or "i can't get this guy out of my head! must be an emery."
by ksjsublime February 8, 2010
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Godlike, Angelic, commonly mistaken as Jesus;most amazing being you will ever meet. She is totally a she; not a cross dresser, a screamo band, and does not have facial hair. If ever in the presence of an Emery one must kiss her feet. EMERYY ROCKS <3 YA!!
"Wow Emery has a really smooth face....totally not a crossdresser"

"Emery Reminds me of pope john paul, minus 100 years and the beard."

by R Marshall September 14, 2008
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