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Organized Voter fraud endorsed by Rush Limbaugh to have Republicans cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Presidential election. Anyone who took part in Operation Chaos is usually labelled a douchebag or a complete asshole.
Yeah, I know Rush Limbaugh is a drug addicted asshole, but he sure knows how to circumvent election law with Operation Chaos!
by PeopleAgainstFucktards January 8, 2010
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Shortened version of knowledge bomb, technically a noun but more often used as a verb. Indicates a sudden deployment of knowledge all over a recipient's face, much like bukake.
Johnson: Dude, you can't imply that she's a slut.
Jack: Well, you can't imply that I said that!
Johnson: I didn't imply, I inferred, faggot. K bombed.
by PeopleAgainstFucktards March 12, 2010
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