gettting deep head by a tranny
"Mike do you know what this means?"
"Yes i got dick sucked by a guy"
by crico69er June 19, 2007
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A term made by silkythedon that refers to unecessary hate or trolling towards a fellow person
Silky: you have skinny legs but you are fat
Tings: why are you dick sucking
by Dannybucket7 July 14, 2021
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Praising or complimenting someone.
I've received a lot dick sucking since I got my hair cut.
by RDKIZ August 06, 2009
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Verb: When a girl or guy puts a dick in their mouth and does a swallowing type action with a slurping sensation.
by Some nigga February 19, 2003
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when you ALWAYS around or talking to somebody.

always have their name in your mouth.
"Damn, that boy is always looking fly, i think he soooo sexy.." said Mya "Damn Mya, Why you dick sucking"
by Wiifaa. September 18, 2008
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What a U.S. Marine calls a mouth, also known as a pie hole or cock holster.
Shut your freakin dick suck, I'm sick of hearing about the sand in your vagina.
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
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