cough cough is used to subtly imply that you know something that someone else doesn't. The person who it is "used on" will then begin to suspect something is suspicious with the phrase "cough cough" and will begin to wonder what it means. Mostly, "cough cough" is pronounced as a word, instead of being actually "coughed out".
Harry: "Hey, I heard Sue went out with Mark"
BoB: "oh yeah, cough cough"
Harry: *wdf, does he know something that I don't? Holy crap he's H@Rd<0R3*
by W3ND31 June 22, 2008
Those special times when you can't say something, so you just, ya know, sort of cough...
"Yeah, he's such a,"
"Hey Son!"
"*Cough Cough*
by Your Mom's Lover In Law May 17, 2010
The act of semi-discretely littering in a way that looks as though accidentally dropping the trash while suddenly and deeply coughing.
I was getting tired of holding that empty soda cup so I cough-coughed it out the window.
by Sam Dalton October 7, 2007
when your not in agreement with something but the other person things you’re in agreement
Are you going for that party tomorrow night ? Cough cough
by Camzy smilz🤗 January 13, 2020
1. any act involving sexual activity with another of your species
Leon: hmmm i need Jo badly
Al Al: why is that bro?
Leon i need some cough-cough
Al Al: oooooooo hope she gets on soon
by AlAl April 29, 2008
When you want to attack someone in the middle of the night at a sleepover. Ex. With Silly sting, shaving cream, etc.
Last night when my friends slept over, Morgan and I decided to Cough Cough O'clock Adam. We sprayed him with silly string while he was sleeping! It was great.
by alleycat123456 December 1, 2009
*cough**cough**sneeze* ye
when someones trim is so cold that you gain head top freezing.

commonly used when speaking about heir.
it,s a hazard
"have you seen that new barbers down ends ye, i herd the trims are so cold that you get head top freezing"

"*cough**cough**sneeze* ye"
when someones trim is so cold that you get head top freezing.
by mmmmsausage November 29, 2019