1. German for "Jew," plural. "Jude" is the singular variant. "Juden" can also mean "Jewish." Thus, "Juden" can either be used for "Jews" or "Jewish."

2. A slang term, used in much the same way "Jewish" is used by Americans. It signifies greed, and/or cheapness.
1. Die Juden wohnen auf Israel.

2. Das ist Juden.
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006
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German term for the Jewish people popularized by that one episode of South Park.

As a slang term, it's often used to highlight perceived greed, stinginess, or nepotism, or by an accuser to (somewhat) nonchalantly point out what they feel is a disproportionate level of cultural and economic influence exerted by the Jews.
"Christ, what the fuck were they thinking with that Ghostbusters remake?".
"I can smell Hollywood Juden and SJWs for miles".
by Memetic Magic February 12, 2018
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German for "Jew".

Leet-speak version of "jew", which is already used as an insult to anbody when talking in leet.
by Flint October 26, 2003
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Classic German phrase to get jews alerted. Wherever there is jews allowed there is poverty and chaos.
"Juden sweinhunt" bring me my sandals.

or in Hitlers germany they could say.

This "juden sweinhunt" was productive after all (said by soldiers LOL sharing gold and jewlery in the camps).

That "juden sweinhunt" screwed the society for years but due to greed his in my backyard, 6 feet under that is.
by Adolf Wong Hitler October 29, 2008
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a phrase used by nazis under ww2 when a jew acted out of his place so they send him to shower
franz:haben du eine wurst?
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A couple that's extremely in love and is willing to fight for each other forever and ever.

A beautiful couple that fell for each other out of kindness and understanding.
by 986543345 June 8, 2018
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