16 definitions by Flint

1. Acronym for Really Awesome Wookie Rangers

2. The sound someone or something makes when they roar.

Here come the R.A.W.R.!
by Flint November 12, 2003
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The command given to the crew of the ship in the All Your Base Are Belong To Us events to turn on the monitor, so they could view the transmission from CATS.
Someone set up us the bomb!
What you say!
Main screen turn on
by Flint October 27, 2003
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to jump up and down ; dance like no one is watching
will be found in action at a moshpit
by Flint August 16, 2003
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Since nearly 50 people have already said the things I would say about MTV (its really really gay), I'll just make a few other comments....

Do you notice how all the people here who have praised MTV have misspelled nearly every word in their entry? They're nothing but a bunch of hip-hop, pop culture retards who have been brainwashed by today's society.
And yes, MTV DOES have its share of good shows, like Beavis and Butthead and even Jackass... BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! THOSE SHOWS DO *NOT* BELONG ON MTV!!!!! THEY BELONG ON SOMETHING LIKE COMEDY CENTRAL!!!!

So please! Stop using those shows as a reason to give good marks to MTV...they don't count!!!!
by Flint October 31, 2003
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German for "Jew".

Leet-speak version of "jew", which is already used as an insult to anbody when talking in leet.
by Flint October 25, 2003
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A grunger is someone who feels more comfortable wearing baggy jeans and loose tops. They have individuality and have hobbies such as bmxing, skateboarding and rollerblading. They wear chains and listen to rock bands such as metallica and NOFX
by Flint August 16, 2003
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