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A fairly impotent, inarticulate figure who, by means unknown to me (or much of the world, for that matter), became not only the Repbublican presidential nominee in the years 2000 and 2004, but also the incumbant president. He is regarded as a dull person, with a distinct lack of intelligence, due to his speech problems, his stubbornness, and inane decisions made all throughout his presidency.

Being the president from 2000-2008, he is, by some, known to be one of the worst presidents in American history. He is a part of the Republican party, which has, recently, lost its majority hold over both the House of Representatives and Senate - both houses of Congress.

His achievements are, as follows:
- Worsening our debt, causing our balls to be more and more in the Chinese vice grip;
- Entering us into a war for murky reasons, and not being willing to either do what it takes to eliminate the insurgency, or leave;
- Nothing regarding outsourcing or illegal immigration;
- Making the US look like a bunch of idiots (possibly rightfully so) on the world stage;
- Butchering foreign affairs, and setting the NATO alliance on the brink of collapse;
- Wishing to ban abortions, homosexual unions, etc.;
- Et fucking cetera.
George Walker Bush is a very inept president, in my opinion. His opinions regarding many social issues, and his stance on this war in Iraq fucked. Beyond that, his reluctance to move against illegal immigration, outsourcing, or remedy the budget predicament, is utter idiocy. Obviously, I'm not the guy's biggest fan.
by Amerikaner December 05, 2006

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An epic battle, equivalent to a dick measuring, or pissing contest. It pits the next-gen consoles against eachother - in this case, the Wii, X360, and Playstation 3 - in a battle... TO THE DEATH! Fanboys on all sides shall be hurling shit at eachother, while those of us who remain in the center shall laugh. Hillarity will ensue every battle, and the casualties will mount. Pick a side, or lackthereof, but be warned: choose the ultimate loser (all sides, except the center/neutral position), and you are to be fucked with for the ages.

In the future, more "wars" of the like will surely follow.
Fanboys across the globe are creaming their pants, in anticipation of the grand Console War, of the second generation.
by Amerikaner October 19, 2006

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An insane mother fucker, who later influenced the name of the band Marilyn Manson. He is a nazi, white supremacist, hippy (ironic, eh), sex fiend, bisexual, cultist, and serial murderer, all in one. Never thought a man could be that much? Well, he's that much, and more. He's short, aggressive, and spontaneous, too, among other things.

He and/or his cronies - otherwise known as his brain-washed, equally crazed, hippy followers - killed, according to their claims, 35 people, mainly in Los Angeles, California.
You see that unkempt, bearded, bald-headed, foaming-at-the-mouth fucker leaning over the table, shouting in your face, with his hands cuffed behind his back? That's Charles Manson. He's serving life in prison.
by Amerikaner August 25, 2006

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A beautiful, powerful rifle, based on the classic M1 .30-06 "Garand." In its standard form, it has wooden furnishings, peep hole sights, a 22" barrel, a .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm) bore, and 20-round magazines.

It uses a gas-diversion system, with a rotating bolt, which has two locking lugs. While it featured a fully-automatic function, this was generally not used, due to the muzzle deviation produced by the recoil, which lent to user inaccuracies. In its semi-automatic fire mode, however, it is a very accurate weapon, even without an accurized barrel.

Modern variants include the M21, M25, and M14 DMR (Designated Marksmans' Rifle), all of which are still in use by the United States' Army and Marine Corps. All of the above are strictly semi-automatic, outfitted with scopes, accurized barrels, match-grade sights, improved triggers, and generally include synthetic furnishings. Some even have picatinny and fore grip rails. There are also civilian versions, called the M1A, by the privately-owned Springfield Armory, which has no connections to the government-run firearms maker, which was shutdown in 1968, by the DoD.
The M14 is such a great rifle, I dare say.

This is my rifle; this is my gun. This is for fighting; this is for fun.
by Amerikaner September 09, 2006

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A term used to describe the potencies such abilities as application of knowledge, amount of logic, creativity (to some extent), memory (to a lesser extent), and general comprehension, among animals. Intelligence is, often, something lacking in most human beings. Intelligence is relative to one person; what you and I, for instance, perceive as stupid may contradict eachother, or vary in degrees.

Today, people often confuse knowledge and determination (especially in academics) with intelligence. Understand; these are NOT the same things. Knowledge is, of course, the amount of information a person mentally contains. Determination is, naturally, the want to go to often extreme measures to achieve your aims or goals. While intelligence is useless without knowledge, the contrary - knowledge without intelligence - is equally useless.

Much of the time, IQ tests are associated with intelligence. While these are, currently, the most accurate "measurements" of intelligence (if properly executed), they are by no means definitive. They don't consider creativity, abstract logic, or any other trait generally considered intelligent. Still, intelligent people tend to receive higher scores than their mediocre counter-parts. One must also take into account that often times, things like vocabulary are used in such tests. In English, vocabulary, often times, requires definitive knowledge of Latin, German, or French, if not the English language, due to the roots not being absolutely apparent in all cases.
Man, I possess so much intelligence. I mean, just look at that monsterly definition.
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006

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The modernized, updated version of the AR15 platform, currently in use by the United States Army and Marine Corps. While in less numbers than the M16A2, and generally only used by frontline units, it is arguably better than its predecessor. The M16A4 features a picatinny rail, a railed fore grip, detachable sights, and a 1:7' rifling, rather than the 1:12' and 1:9' rifling previous models had, which equates to better power and accuracy. The M16A4 is, essentially, an M16A3, but with a safe/semi/3-round burst selector switch, rather than a safe/semi/fully-automatic switch.

Standard magazine capacity is 30-rounds of M855 or Mk. 262 5.56x45mm ball ammunition. It is gas-operated, with a rotating bolt. It is air-cooled, with an external, detachable magazine, peep hole sights, a forward assist, and a charging handle mounted on top of the receiver, behind the picatinny/carrying rail.

Reliability in the M16A4 is solid; one is capable of firing upwards of 1,000 standard, ball rounds through a decently maintained rifle, with STANAG magazines, without a single jam or malfunction. While disputably not as good as the AK platform, it is a far cry from the M16(A0), and is a step up from the M16A2.
The M16A4, along with its predecessors, spare the M16(A0) are unworthy of the negative press they receive. They are great rifles, but the first version, which was heavily modified by Lyndon Johnson's DoD, has stained the M16/AR15's reputation, due to the reliability issues faced previously.
by Amerikaner September 09, 2006

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The most wasteful, liberal, unnecessary parliamentry organization in the world. Though in theory, the UN would be a good one, it isn't, in reality. They are weak, corrupt, among other things. The reason for this, of course, is that it isn't a sovereign, governing body, but rather, a "parliament," of sorts, for all nations. The more powerful a nation, the more say they have. This is fucked up.

Their aims/complicities (as they are synonymous with the UN) include: stripping citizens of free, modernized countries of their right to bear arms, namely the USA; fucking up order; avoiding use of the word "genocide," especially when dealing with African "countries" which are having their occupants killed at rates of 10,000 PEOPLE PER FUCKING DAY; creating programs, which have a face value of benefiting people, but contarily, in reality, generate profit for Kofi Annon and his cronies; trying to police Americans; taking upon themselves (in rare instances), to employ ineffective, inane peacekeeping, which does nothing beside getting more people killed.
Fuck the UN! Take these corrupt, preposterous bastards down!
by Amerikaner August 25, 2006

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