Another way to say you will be killed, 6 feet under is the depth of burying someone.
"Stop doing this or you will be 6 feet under!"
by Undercoveragent11 May 14, 2019
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Another way of saying you are going to kill someone.
If you dont shut your mouth your gonna find yourself 6 feet under.
by JWoods May 13, 2008
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Beating someone up so bad you put them underground, 6 feet to be exact.
You wanna fight me?
Naw boy I’ll put you 6 feet under.
by EatTheBeltBitch. October 27, 2020
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An expression dating back to the Bubonic Plague.

Body's had to be buried at least six feet under to prevent spread of the Plague.
Girl- Oh no! Jhon died from VirusXXC!!!

Guy- We need to bury him 6 feet under.
by blackestwhitedude September 15, 2011
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a club in which members are necrophiliacs. a parody on the mile high club.
Hey, I just joined the 6 feet under club!
Well that explains the maggots on your c***
by bizorko July 19, 2009
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