A extremely Nice Guy who even if he’s struggling with problems in his life will make sure his friends aren’t feeling down. He is extremely funny and at times can be a dork.
Thanks Jude
by Mollz January 8, 2020
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Jude is a wonderful guy. He’s amazing inside an out. Jude has an absolutely stunning personality. If you find your self a Jude, make sure you don’t lose him. He’s insanely sweet, but can be a bit cofusing at times. Don’t let that bother you though, because Jude is one in a million.
- “Should I break up with Jude?”

- “ARE YOU CRAZY? Keep him!! You’ll never find anybody like him”
by ~krndb March 13, 2018
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The most handsom one here, an un depressing word when you feel sad just say "Jude" and you will feel much better.
Jude is happy or better.
by sir.swag1204 November 8, 2014
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A smart loving friend who cares about his/her's friends and will never back down from something even if it is wrong. They are smart sassy athletic team leader .
Jude is good friend
by Jluther10 April 4, 2017
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Quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, and most attractive guy you'll ever meet. Not only is he cute and sexy, but he has great intellectual insight and is all around a perfect person. No matter what he does, you could never be mad at him. When you see him, see his smile, his eyes, not only do you feel turned on,but content, because you know that he is everything you could ask for.
"have you met jude?"

"yeah and i think i wanna marry him."

"we all do."
by Ally :3 August 30, 2011
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