An athlete who moves from team to team to team by trade or free agency because he's good but not great
Journeyman Jim Jackson will never be in the Hall of Fame. There are no plaques big enough to list all of the teams he played for.
by masturbatory elite November 11, 2011
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A professional athlete whose been around one's sport for a long time, but has been on many teams for a short period of time. In Boxing, a journeyman has fought many times, but has had few opportunities to win a title.
A good example of a journeyman is Paul Bako. A MLB catcher who was on 11 teams in his 12 year career.
by el_bimbo March 25, 2012
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experienced practioner; one who practitions a specific art, (such as lavaliering), on the way to becoming a master.
"Definitately made LL journeyman early this morning."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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(v.) to travel through time, such as the titular character of the short-lived ABC flop.
"So I'm watching Lost, and suddenly everyone's journeymanning all over the place. What gives?"
by EarthVsGamera March 20, 2009
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