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Major League Baseball. MLB is the organization consisting of two leagues, the National and American. These two leagues form the only major professional baseball organization in the U.S.
MLB's championship is the World Series. The World Series, however, is not MLB's biggest GAME, as it consists of anywhere from 4-7 games.
by Diggity Monkeez November 24, 2004
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Major League Baseball. It is North America's only professional baseball company. It consists of 30 teams, with two leagues; American League and National League. 14 teams are AL and 16 are NL. The MLB's championship is known as the World Series, where the AL champion plays the NL champion in a best-of-7 series.

Right now, baseball has become very serious in people's lives. For example, if you are a San Francisco Giants fan, and you go to see them play their arch-rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, at the Dodgers home turf, you may wind up hurt. Heres an example:

back then:
(At Dodger Stadium)
SF Giants fan: Hey man, the Giants are gonna kill the Dodgers tonight!
LA Dodgers fan: Haha, I dont know about that bro! We'll see.

(At Dodger stadium)
SF Giants fan: Hey bitch, the Giants are gonna fuck the Dodgers up tonight!
LA Dodgers fan: Fuck you bitch, the Dodgers are gonna rape the Giants.
SF Giants fan: What did you say, motherfucker?
LA Dodgers fan: You heard me.

*SF Giants fan and LA Dodgers fan get into fight*
MLB has good teams, but their rules are strict.
by Jordan Stevens May 01, 2007
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The largest Baseball league in the world that is currently haunted by the presence of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, two teams who's fan base usually consist of a bunch of people thousands of miles away who only like them because they win and because they are on TV more often.
Go to any small market baseball team's ballpark when they're playing the Red Sox or the Yankees. I guarantee you you'll find more Yankees and Red Sox fans then fans of the home team.

by yurihex October 28, 2007
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Major League Baseball, the league that was popular and beloved by all. Children, Seners, Girls, Boys, there wasn't a person in America who didn't follow the MLB and talk about it everyday. And a day at an MLB park, was a nice friendly excperience.

Nowadays, if you try to talk baseball with someone they replie back with a smartass responce. And a day at the ballpark can become violent, especially if your a Dodger fan at Giants stadium, or vise-versa.

Who's to blame? All the unamerican bastards who hate baseball and are slowing down the popularity of this one fine sport. Nobody is forcing you to follow the MLB or baseball in general, but to hate baseball just because we're american, is just stupid. Why pick sports to watch anyway? Sports are sports, The MLB isn't the most exciting sport to watch, but it's still a very interesting and fun sport to watch.
Long time ago:
Person #1: Hey, did you see that Angel game yesterday?
Person #2: Hell yes I did, Angels kick ass! Theres nothing like a nice friendly MLB game!

Person #1: Hey, did you see that Angel game yeaterday?
Person #2: BASEBALL!? Baseball is a boring, stupid, unathletic sport full of fat 'roid monkeys who run in circles.
by Spikesy July 09, 2006
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Stands for Major League Baseball. A North American organization consisting of 30 baseball teams (29 of them are in the U.S. and one is in Canada) and two leagues, the American (AL) and National (NL). The National league is the older of the two leagues and is sometimes refered to as the "Senior Circuit"; The "Junior Circuit" refers to the American League. Each year is concluded with the World Series where the winner of the National League pennant and the winner of the American League pennant play each other in a best of 7 game series.

Notable Teams: New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers

Notable Players: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Cy Young, Hank Aaron

The St. Louis Cardinals won last year's MLB World Series.
by Geoffrey G April 01, 2007
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Major League Baseball
30 Teams:
1. Arizona Diamondbacks
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Chicago Cubs
6. Cincinnati Reds
7. Cleveland Indians
8. Colorado Rockies
9. Chicago White Sox
10. Detroit Tigers
11. Florida Marlins
12. Houston Astros
13. Kansas City Royals
14. Los Angeles Angels
15. Los Angeles Dodgers
16. Milwaukee Brewers
17. Minnesota Twins
18. New York Mets
19. New York Yankees
20. Oakland Athletics
21. Philadelphia Phillies
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. San Diego Padres
24. Seattle Mariners
25. San Francisco Giants
26. St. Louis Cardinals
27. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
28. Texas Rangers
29. Toronto Blue Jays
30. Washington Nationals
Out of all the teams in the MLB, my favorite is the New York Yankees.
by Sports freak April 23, 2005
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