LL stands for Long Live (commonly used chicago slang)
Dude 1: Man, Maria just died
Dude 2: Fr bro? LLM (Long Live Maria)
by urmomashley April 19, 2020
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Lesbian Lover!!! Purely, an inside joke held by super close awesome friends.
I love my LL
by KittyLL June 16, 2010
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LL stands for Laidback Luke, a Dutch DJ and a producer.
by HouseMuzik October 22, 2011
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LL - stands for "Legit Laughing" and is an alternative to the very standard LOL. People say LOL when they're not really laughing. This created a need for an acronym that could express real laughter by differentiating from the commonly misused lol or it's variations. People now just say LL!
Guy1: LL will eventually replace LOL as the most used internet slang thingie.
Guy2: LL!
by portney September 16, 2011
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Liquid Lunch: a lunch consisting of pure alcoholic beverages. Usually the place of location would be the "Pizza Joint", "Park", "Target Parking Lot" and other hot spots which are
conveniently near the work place. Friday LL's are the best, always starts the day off right!!! Friday LL's usually lead to HH...Happy Hour...
AC: "Hey who's down for LL today"
AG: "Dude...I'm so down"
AC: "Call the guys and see who's in"
AG: "I already did and they're in"
AC: "Sweet...lets jam!"
AG: "I'll get this one...you're getting HH" :)
by Always Gorgeous July 13, 2007
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stands for 'lowlife'.
Hey, don't worry about pissing your neighbor Tom off downstairs. When I went down there he had two black eyes and the whole apartment smelled of bourbon. He's a real LL.
by bekiii July 12, 2009
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