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Jonas, a common Latin name, biblically means "a dove". In Hebrew, the name is honored with the title of the "gift from God".

If you are lucky enough to meet a Jonas in your lifetime, you will understand that he is the true meaning of pure love. He'll be there for you no matter what, even at 5 a.m. just to talk. He is the one person you can share your deepest secrets with, cry your sorrows with, and feel the best with. His charming humor and debonair personality is what stands out. Great kisser, and he'll never leave your side.

Jonas is the guy that loves to have the spotlight. He is usually the favorite guy from his group of friends. He'll always stand up for his friends because they mean a lot to him. He has a great sense of fashion, humbly athletic, can dance, play instruments, all equal to a man of romance.

Don't let this fool you. He may hide some of these things underneath his ego. He's actually smart but acts like the complete opposite sometimes.

Still he's a one of a kind type of guy. Cute, smart, confident, hardworking, passionate, determined, etc. One glance, one conversation, and you'll never forget him.
Jonas is so HILARIOUS. He's like Ryan Reynolds.

Thank God I have a Jonas in my life.

Jonas took me out for wine and dancing. It was unforgettable.

Thank you Jonas, for always being there for me.
by Tinaa August 24, 2017
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Jonas is a Latin common but well-known name.
He's nice, attractive, intelligent, thoughtful, gorgeous, friendly and has a good sense of humor.
Even though he doesn't think so, he's a strong personality and can deal with problems.
by DropDeadCasanova April 25, 2009
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A cat killer who wants to blow up the school and kids
Boy 1: hey Jonas
Jonas: I killed a cat and I'm gonna blow you up
by Savage killer June 15, 2016
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He greatest guy ever. Perfect husband material, slightly homosexual, but only slightly. Also a thundercock
Wow look at that Jonas, I got married to him on the bus
by Jiminy chrickles February 14, 2017
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Derived from Yonah (Hebrew meaning "Dove" or Sign of God, and also means 'The Doer') and translated through the Greek Ionas to the present Jonas. The Lithuanian name Jonas was independently derived from the name 'John' which means either a client of prostitutes or a device you sit on to crap.

Also a namesake book in the old testament depicting a prophet's involuntary ingurgitation by gigantic marine wildlife as part of a divine motivational technique program.

Also a reason for screaming adolescent girls to wet their drawers, and for lame rock bands to write mediocre songs in sappy 3/4 time signatures.
(The Doer) "You see that girl, I'd like to Jonas."
(The Dove) (In the shower( "Honey, do we have another bar of Jonas under the sink?"
(Sign of God) "I neglected to read the Jonas on the freeway and missed my exit to the Billy Graham talk."
by JonasOfToronto April 29, 2009
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A uncommon name.
Although now commonly used in band names.

Often mispelled or misunderstood
Me: You listen to that song by Weezer? Its called My Name Is Jonas
You: Wtf?

In-And-Out worker: What is your name?
Jonas: Jonas
In-And-Out worker: Jones...Joe?, your order is ready!
by MyNameIsJonas August 14, 2006
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