in short: a shopping spree

a vlog titled "Makeup Haul" or "(Store Name) Haul" is a video showing a shopping spree in that given area, showing products or clothing that will usually be featured in future How To, or tutorial videos
"Hey guys! I'm here with a back-to-school makeup haul! I should have a tutorial with these products up in a little bit"

"If you were wondering where I got these products, refer back to my Haul vlog.
by raven L August 7, 2009
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To move quickly. Short for haul ass.
We better haul down to the liquor store before it closes.
by Eric Oliver July 31, 2003
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To exceed the entertainment level beyond the point of overdosing on adrenaline.
"Dude! you hauled that sign. Never seen a deer haul as a weapon"
by Eli Dames August 16, 2007
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To leave somewhere and go home or someplace else.
Sorry Guys, But I gotta haul.
by DennisIsEvil October 16, 2005
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v. To successfully take a hot girl home and to bed with you from a bar or club.

n. A girl you want to haul.
I've pulled some hauls out of the Aqua. - Zeke Johnston
by mcameter May 27, 2005
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to take a toke, drag, pull, hoot from a joint
"Hey man, can I have a haul of your spliff?"
by littlelulu February 14, 2006
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