a term used to describe a good situation
"did you get that ride?"


by mack July 19, 2006
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"I'm seriously going to shrapnel someone unless I get those high heels, they're way sweeters."
by Winky B January 4, 2008
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A person who is the complete antithesis to the legendary porn star Peter North. Presumably, this includes a sweet, softbody, non-threatening persona and a flaccid penis.
Man, that kid Lee should be renamed Sweeter South!
by Nubballer May 15, 2010
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A group of males aged 17-19 that specialize in dropping tracks, reaching jams, fucking bitches, getting money, unlocking achievements, and not flopping. This group originated in an urban school located in Toronto, Ontario. A typical weekend in the life of the sweeter mans is: reaching a jam on friday, playing Halo Reach/Call Of Duty on Saturday while crashing at Lam's house, and sleeping at Shayan's house on Sunday.
"Yo, reach the jam this friday at york" - Nitin

"I can't, I need to do laundry" - Munaf

"You can't flop, that's not what the sweeter mans do." - Nitin
by 44 Magz November 6, 2010
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A guy that looks "sweet".kinda like a pretty boi(jus better;) It is mostly used to describe african american guy(between ages 16-26)That have fashion sense aswell as looks follwed by good character(unlike pretty boys there all about them selves)
"mmmm look at that sweeter man over there"

"That sweeterman would go nice with my tea"

by Top a Top April 8, 2009
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Ayo you ever heard a Lil Sweeters song?
by ZaWardou October 27, 2020
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A womens breast. Most commonly refered to while she is wearing a sweeter.
Dude look at those sweeter kittens. I'd like to moter boat them.
by Deucey deuce January 17, 2008
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