the ability to overcome, correct, to become better than
i have become a resilient person because of the adversity i have overcome
by damalama September 13, 2007
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able to persevere through unfavorable circumstances
He was resilient despite the hardship his family faced.
by grandyrich April 25, 2019
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The ability to stand up to challenges, work through them step by step, and bounce back stronger than you were before.
To learn more about Resilience, Visit for more details.
by GRIT TEM November 4, 2007
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resilience is what all your assignments are about when your doing online school during quarantine.
STUDENT: "What's for homework?"
TEACHER: "Relate how fitness and science are incorporated in resilience when you do math."
STUDENT: "Are you fucking kidding me?"
by salishsecondary May 11, 2020
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Resilience is that word used in many magazines, it means never giving up or not breaking down.
And example of this word could be people in Paradise, California.

"People in Paradise showed resilience by rebuilding their homes"
by The "now it all" December 6, 2019
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decreases chance of enemy scoring a critical hit on you by x% and reduces the damage taken from critical strikes by 2x% in the world of warcraft.
should i stack hp or resilience in my pvp gear?
is the halaa +10 resilience gem unique?
by dunpeal21 August 21, 2007
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The fancy way idiots say resilience. Resilience means the ability to recover or bounce back from a hardship. Resiliency is not a word (if you were betting).
Despite losing the bet as to whether resiliency is a word, I was impressed with her resiliency in immediately betting me again as to whether orientate is a word.
by House Grammarian April 12, 2009
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