What someone says when they think its only good for you.
Hey dude, i just bought a new SVS

Eh, More for you.
by Munichman March 15, 2005
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From NBC's public service advertisements. During the short clip a celebrity personality will state some fact, followed by the ending "The More You Know" sequence.

Can be used as a sarcastic response to learning some typically useless knowledge, trivia or fact.
Bill: Its recommended to drink 6 glasses of water a day
Me: "The more you know"
by J. Ev. March 6, 2008
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A (usually begrudging) expression of yielding acknowledgement to a person's lifestyle, decisions, or any other characteristic that they choose for themselves, be it against your own ethics. You may disagree with them, but you recognize their right to whatever it is they may be doing.
Did you really just eat 3 whole boxes of Nutty Buddies? That's over 3,000 calories altogether... More power to you, I suppose.
by ironyfist June 16, 2020
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A reference to NBC public service announcements which would feature celebrities reciting a random (usually touching) fact, followed by the statement, "The More You Know."

Thus, a person may say this after reciting something that is not necessarily useful to the listener. It may also indicate that the user does not expect a response from the listener.

Often rendered like a tag, e.g. #themoreyouknow.
Phil: Sup dude?
Bryan: chilling.
Bryan: brb, gotta poop
Bryan: The more you know.
Phil: ...
by IAmLordDumbledore February 8, 2011
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More power to you means good for you, or when someone says a secret or something respectable you say thus
"I really like this kid named Timmy, don't tell anyone ok?- Gianna.

"More power to you Gianna" - josh
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