An old woman who's had too much plastic surgery and who aways says "can we talk"?
That new face on Joan Rivers looks like she just came out of a wind tunnel.
by dj mbm March 14, 2009
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"In an interview with W Magazine, Joan Rivers compared plastic surgery to car maintenance, saying you have to do it every two years. But, even for a car, she looks awful!"
by RP December 31, 2005
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1)Human Cayborg Relations, model wh-0r.
Drives Many of Human Species to prefer Suicide over that of things like Red Carpet, or E telivision.
2) Any person who dispite many a recomandation refuses to actualy do any reasearch, on any thing.
3)Ruiner of lives, Gaping Vagina mouth of Satan.
What the hell is that noise? It sounds as if I hear four horses in the east!
No It is Joan Rivers. Run Like Hell!

It cant be If it were The vile Rivers, I would have shot my self by now.
by King of the Idiots the Second February 15, 2004
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During Missionary style sex you grab the sides of your womans face and pull the skin towards the top of her head until her navel becomes her mouth.
I was into it, I gave her a "Joan Rivers." I mean...can we talk?
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
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Patton: Man Phillip Rivers was on fire last night.
Marine: You mean Joan Rivers?
Patton: what?
Marine: Yeah, you mean Joan Rivers the pussy ass quarterback for the Chargers
by Marineassassin January 15, 2010
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A person that judges everebody and thinks that she is perfect, but is actually fake as can be.
Dude 1: "She judges everyone!". Dude 2: "Well what did you expect, she's a total Joan Rivers".
by LoonyLana March 18, 2013
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