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Two people that aren't an official couple, but have all the benefits of it. If you find yourself saying "we talk", you better not be entertaining anybody else.
person one: you've been flirting a lot with Jace, are you guys dating?

person two: we talk
by Fmllasthope April 19, 2018
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When someone is talking to someone about going out but they don't go out or when the 2 people are getting to know each other so they can start going out.
I asked my friend about her and this boy and she said "we talk".
by the lingo that teens speak December 08, 2015
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When a person in a relationship constantly refers to themselves in the "we" form to incorporate their significant other in all of their own opinions, plans, etc. This is especially common in couples that never hang out independently from each other.
1. "Did you want to come out tonight for girls' night?"
"I dunno...I have to see what we are doing first and if we can afford it..."

2. "So are Rachel and Bill getting serious?"
"Yeah I think so--Bill is doing the "we talk" already."
by Anyer August 17, 2009
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