This happened because my brackets backfired and turned into a dodgey link thing.
Erin thinks that she is an umbrella.
by Nora March 14, 2004
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What an idiot says when they're talking about their favorite media person and are trying to look like they know anything about politics.
I like Oprah and I think he/she should run for President!
by JMur November 12, 2007
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a. What girls say when they themselves feel that the person is all that.

b. What is said about someone who looks good and feels good about themselves.
by Tiffany B September 15, 2004
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Phrase said by a giga-chad who just got rejected(accepted😏😉) by a female
Aj:Charley wanna go with me to homecoming

Charley: no
Walks away…
Aj:I think she likes me
by CharleyXAjProductions September 14, 2022
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