Joa means to be amazing, talented and or simply superior.
Used in the world of TNR for fierce and incredible.
by AimeeDear February 17, 2011
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One's "jerk off arm" or the arm predominantly used to masturbate with.
That car accident really fucked up my JOA.
by kareokie May 05, 2011
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Abbreviation of the TV show "Joan of Arcadia" starring Amber Tamblyn.
"Did you watch JOA last night? It had some serious good ripples going on!"
by Dani October 23, 2005
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jizz over album. Expressing how much you like a musically album. Showing that you would jizz over that album.
Usually used on the internet
Onanie Bomb meets The Sex Pistols? JOA!
by drk229 July 10, 2008
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Acronym for: Just an Opinion. Used while texting or in forums.
That dude doesn't know anything. JOA
by dcat27 February 28, 2015
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