66 definitions by Dani

80122 is the address of Jesus' home in Comedy Central's South Park.
by Dani May 27, 2004
Be mother fúcking for real Is used when someone Is not being honest with their self so they need to be fr
Cherry:My boyfriend said he's done cheating on me now
by Dani September 5, 2022
"yo matt, what it do?"


"what it do, kim? ain't seen you lately."
by Dani April 21, 2005
someone who gives a gift or something to a person n then wants it back
Stop being an indian giver.
by Dani March 23, 2005
Someone who is not naturally blonde but rather uses a hair-dye to create the appearance of being blonde. Bottle Blonde's normally have nasty black re-growth which they seem to think looks chic.
You can spot a bottle blonde a mile away
by Dani November 26, 2004
Is what police call people who flag them down while they are walking around or driving in their cars.
PERSON: "Yoo-Hoo, officer, I need some help over here!"
COP: "I hate yoo-hoos!"
by Dani February 8, 2006