To Have Played Lego Star Wars Or Lego Indiana Jones At least Once.
Omg That Guy Is Such An Epic Gamer, Hes So Hot. He Doesn't Have A Job And Plays Lego Star Wars All Day.
by Kind Plays February 17, 2020
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this man gets all the puss because how epic he is while he plays games. Most epic gamers play play fortnite for pubg
I want John's dick so bad, he is such an epic gamer
by Epicgamer69 May 20, 2018
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a gamer who is overloaded with epicness, he gets all the pusspuss and can solve every problem presently faced by humanity in a single fortnite game.
"yo dude, did you hear how johann just stopped world hunger in 5 minutes?"
"woah dude, he's such an epic gamer"
by russianhackerman1991 January 18, 2019
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someone who spends more than 8 hours a day gaming. ok now THIS is epic
by dowcwow himself October 29, 2018
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an epic gamer is someone who games 24/7. Wake up, game ufeel.
flavy plays rust 24/7 cause he’s an epic gamer.
joe and oel play fortnite all the time cause they real epic gamers.
by non epic gamer ylime May 9, 2018
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when one has achieved a higher power then they can understand. if you are an epic gamer consider yourself to be a god
look at that girl carleigh she is not an epic gamer.
by the proud owner of tracer January 28, 2019
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A gamer that has played, fortkike,apex leg, mencraft, and LEGO star wars
“Me and Joe are epic gamers bitch back away mortal scum I hold the world record time killing the ender dragon”
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