Something you never say on air airplane.
Ben Stiller: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb.
by Big Nate The Cockerspaniel January 14, 2009
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To look HOT in every way...
Describing a person as being bomb Means he/she is everything put together in LOOKS WISE, like nothing kills them on the outside in other words Flawless...
BerlyKim: Aye Foo You Know Who I Think Is Bomb?
Jella: Who Dawg?
BerlyKim: Kim Kardashian Is Bomb Aye.
Jella: Yeah Foo Shes Freakin Bomb Ass Fuck.
BerlyKim: Foreaal Id Smash Like There's No Tommorrow (;
by NarLu April 19, 2011
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Cool, awesome, good, amazing, it describes anything that is amazing
That cake was too bomb!
by Swaggie0101 February 19, 2014
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A bomb is a dickslap homerun you always batflip. It’s always a no doubter and you get pissed if it doesn’t go over the fence.
Guy on deck: I’m gonna take this kid 850 dead center.

Guy in the hole: hit a bomb he’s throwing meat.
by Theonlyaustinjacuzzi April 09, 2020
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B.O.M.B-when someone is sexy/hot nice body,can be a guy or girl
"oh my god that guy is so bomb"
"bro that broad is bomb"
by cass February 22, 2004
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