A micronesian is a person from a subregion of Oceania (specificly Micronesia) and is characterized by their frappaccino skin colo and acrid breaths. They can also be found ALL over Hawaii and can be found working at McDonald's. Most are druggies and the rest just goes up to you and asks for $1 because they can't afford having a job OR they need it for drugs. Found spraying cheap 99 cent perfumes that cause global warming and reproduce like bacteria to get money from the government.
Guy#1: Dude, what did that smelly micronesian ask you?
Guy#2: Just the usual, "Ehhhh, you got dolla??"

Man#1: We should massacre the micronesians just like what the nazis did to them Jews!
Man#2: Duuude thats harsh, just deport them!
Man#1: Or we can do that....
Man#2: Totally!!
by Commander Whoo Haa January 10, 2008
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black islanders with gold teeth, they are known as gangster posers, they usually live in hawaii, they are thieves; shoplifting, steals free samples etc.
hoooo boy micronesians piss me off big time boo, ima exterminate them after graduating highschool. said ak
by xXchronic8o8Xx June 14, 2009
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Pacific Islanders from the Micronesian region (FSM, Palau, Marshall Islands, Marianas) who are hardworking, generous, helpful and will willingly agree to assist their fellow micronesian, even when it comes to fighting, BUT will only resort to violence if they feel threatened or discriminated against. Although Micronesians work hard, they also enjoy living a laid back, "go with the flow" kind of lifestyle. Because of that, it might be the reason why Micronesians are also one of the most misunderstood race, especially the Micronesians residing in Hawaii and in Guam, where they are sometimes labelled as "gangster wannabes" , "beggars", or "thieves".
Man 1: Dude, what do you got against us Micronesians?
Man 2: You guys are lazy, most of you guys are usually drunk, and you guys are stealing money out of our pockets...
Man 1: Have you been to anywhere in Micronesia before?
Man 2: No..
Man 1: Then why so judgmental?
Man 2: Because of all the negative news about you people...
Man 1: So you judging us because of a few bad eggs? Ok, you know what? If you can prove to me that your race has no alcoholics, no beggars, no drug addicts, and no criminals, I will agrre with you that the Micronesians are bad people and that we should be ashamed of who we are...
Man 2: ...
by MicroBoii691 October 20, 2012
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I saw on another definition that micronesians are smelly and druggies and we should be massacred and deported and i came to write my definition for it is my race. Micronesians are beautiful island groups of brownskins that celebrate cultural events. The most known religion of micronesians is known to be Christianity and catholic being the second used religion in micronesia. Micronesians have very long and healthy hair and are very gorgeous people. These people have fought through war with many islands and very beautiful places and waterfalls found in each island. We have also migrated and there were many of us that migrated along with melanasians and hispanics for our ancestors are of those races. Please don't mistaken my people for yours, we are very respectful, talented and know how to cook. If you're speaking, you must be the one buying mcdonalds 24/7. Thank you!
friend 1: She's very beautiful, what's her race?
friend 2: i heard she was micronesian, but bro let me have her
friend 1: we can share the beauty
by xomichalaaaaaaa October 13, 2020
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