1. A lizard covered in semen, or 'jizz'
2. A blizzard made out of jizz.
3. A wizard that excels in acts of wizardry combined with jizz.
1. 'Billy looked at the jizzard... and he knew he was at the wrooong side of town.'

2. 'Suddenly a jizzard appeared and after hours of unspeakable suffering Billy was left weakened and broken on the ground.'

3. 'Hello young hobbit, do you seek 'adventure'?' Asked the Jizzard.
by 1921 May 8, 2011
The act of four men masturbating into a box fan with the sole objective of blasting jizz onto a lucky participant’s face.

The setup for a proper jizzard is crucial. One must first select a lucky participant to place their face 12-16 inches away from an electric box fan. Next, four male volunteers gather around the box fan, two on each side. The male volunteers must attempt to ejaculate into the fan simultaneously thus hurling a blizzard of jizz at the participant’s face. It is encouraged to don proper safety goggles during this activity.
Betty showed up to work today with an eyepatch. When asked what happened, she simply replied “jizzard,” silly amateur must’ve forgotten her safety goggles.
by Daddylongdick813 March 12, 2019
A Jizzard is a Blizzard made out of Jizz. It may also refer to a parody of The Blizzard of Oz, The Jizzard of Drake. for an example
Ozzy:"Hey man, have you listened to my Blizzard of Oz album?"
Zakk:"Yeah, I have, but I prefer the Jizzard of Zakk, haha."
by UncleJizzy April 4, 2010
The reason the world will end in 2012. Dairy Queen's overpriced products will trigger DQ product designers to desperately create a mixture of porn and ice cream to promote sales: the "Jizzard." The resulting atrocity will herald the collapse of the Earth's civilizations.
I would like a number 69 with an Oreo Breasticle Jizzard instead of the Pepsi.

Thanks, that'll be 6.90 at the window.
by Mighara June 24, 2010
The act of one man ejaculating into/onto another mans penis while the other does the same.
"Last night my boyfriend and I had a jizzard in the public bathroom
by Gahd February 19, 2014
A slang term for Wizard, relating to "jizz", a slang term for semen.
...and the magical jizzard cast a spell on the entire town of North Fattyus Assius.
by Crabtree March 25, 2004
a person who performs indiscriminate blowjobs. a slut. figuratively drunk on semen. (akin to drunkard)
Get off my jock, you jizzard. You blew my buddy Tony not five minutes ago!
by d0rk May 24, 2004